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Experience great health, naturally

Health care that is tailored to you, so that you can feel great, now and in the future.

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Cooloola Family Chiropractic serves the wider Gympie region, providing chiropractic care to families, young and old, athletes, sports teams, clubs, community groups and other local businesses. We incorporate a range of proven hands-on techniques and advice, specifically tailoring our approach to each and every individual who visits us.

It’s our mission to help Gympie become the healthiest community in Australia.

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Who we work with

We provide hands-on care designed to get you back to your best.
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Stuck in pain or discomfort

Growing families

Active lifestyles and aspiring athletes



Hard workers

Common Conditions We Help


Neck Pain

Back Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Shoulder and Hip Pain

Sciatica and Nerve Symptoms



Poor Posture

Growth and Development

There is no need to put up with pain any longer

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Our 5 Step Process

Our unique system is designed to get you well, and keep you well.

Step 1 - Listen

We get the whole picture as we ask about your complete health history and why you’re seeking our help now.

Step 2 - Investigate

Thorough testing and assessment based on your history and current presentation, including onsite digital X-rays if needed.

Step 3 - Explain the situation

We discuss the findings of your initial assessment and explain how we can help.

Step 4 - Work towards a result

Chiropractic care, exercises and holistic lifestyle advice all tailored specifically to you.

Step 5 - Education and prevention

Ongoing workshops and health talks about all aspects of health, including sleep, exercise, food, meditation, immunity and many more, as well as options for maintenance and wellness care.

Cooloola Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Cooloola Family Chiropractic, we also offer Massage Therapy to assist you in your journey of relieving tension and stress in your body. Our massage therapist will assess your individual needs and tailor your care accordingly. We can provide relaxation, therapeutic, sports, pregnancy, lymphatic, and many other techniques to improve circulation, joint mobility, improve posture, and reduce muscle pain and tension.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of your life so that you can be the best version of yourself!

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Experience great health, naturally.

Health care that is tailored to you, so that you can feel great, now and in the future.

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