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Neck pain is becoming extremely common due to the demands of everyday life in the modern Western world. In many cases, it can be due to the constant pressure placed on our neck and shoulders resulting from forward head posture positions, like those when we sit at work or school, while driving, using phones and devices, preparing food over a bench or caring for our young children. Other common causes include car accidents (even minor ones), bumps and clashes while playing sport or simply sleeping with a pillow that’s not appropriate for you or in a bed that is not properly supporting your spine.

Our thorough assessment procedures will identify the cause of your neck pain, and whether chiropractic care is appropriate to help you. We offer onsite digital X-rays, allowing our team to immediately look deeper when and where necessary. Using all of the information gathered from your initial assessment, we choose the most effective technique and tailor it specifically to you, which ensures we are not only exceptionally safe, but very effective in our approach to addressing your problems.

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