Sciatica and Nerve Symptoms

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The sciatic nerve is like a broadband cable. It is a large nerve made up of a group of the main nerve fibres that come out of the lower vertebrae in the spine, and runs through the buttocks and down the leg to the foot. Sciatica is a disabling condition typically characterised by pain and/or pins and needles anywhere along that pathway from the lower back to the foot. There are many causes for sciatica, and very often the most effective treatment involves working directly on the spine as well as moving and exercising the lower back and legs (1).

In other parts of the body – such as the arms and hands, or rib cage – nerve pain and associated symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness, tingling and weakness can be traced back to the spine. Almost every single nerve in the body finds its way through the spine to the brain. This is why it is so important to have your spine assessed by a chiropractor if you are experiencing sciatica or other similar nerve symptoms elsewhere in your body.

Our thorough assessment procedures will identify the cause of your sciatica or nerve pain and whether chiropractic care is appropriate to help you. We offer onsite digital X-rays, allowing our team to immediately look deeper when and where necessary. Using all of the information gathered from your initial assessment, we choose the most effective technique and tailor it specifically to you, which ensures we are not only exceptionally safe, but very effective in our approach to addressing your problems.

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1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Sciatica

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