It’s really important to understand that stress comes in many forms. Most of us are familiar with emotional stress, like that caused by an argument with a loved one, a misbehaving child or a grumpy boss at work! As well as emotional stress, there are also physical forms of stress such as sitting or standing in the same posture for too long, or a sudden unexpected force like that of a car accident or a sporting injury. Chemical stress is very relevant to our overall health as well, including our hydration status (what and how much we drink), the foods we eat and the cosmetic products we put on our skin and hair. For example, chronic dehydration can impact the intervertebral discs in your spine, affecting how well you move.

Stress might be affecting your spinal health in the following ways:

If you are concerned with any of the above issues, our thorough initial assessment may help to identify potential causes and – more importantly – methods for managing the negative impacts that stress could be having on your spine and overall health.

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