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Are you stuck in pain or discomfort?

Whether it was a recent injury, or something that has bothered you for years, we offer simple yet powerful approaches to getting rid of your niggles, aches and pains. What’s better, our corrective care is completely natural. It’s as “organic” as health care gets! There are many conditions that we see every day in our office; you can read about some of the most common issues we help with here (link to conditions page).

Are you an aspiring athlete, or leading an active lifestyle?

We love helping active individuals to get the most out of themselves! Whether you’re training for an international event, your first 5km running race or your weekly social soccer team, we understand the toll it can take on your body. Recovery is paramount! The corrective care we offer is the perfect supplement to a busy body. Dr Tim Leeming is a keen sportsman and provides high quality care to those who demand it.

Are you a growing family?

Mum, Dad and the kids…. It’s a common sight in our family practice! Our corrective care serves hundreds of local Gympie families. Whether it’s an unsettled infant, a bumped-and-bruised toddler or adolescent, or an exhausted parent, we may be the answer you’re looking for. Our family care plans are set up especially for you!

Are you feeling the effects of getting older?

In our office, we love seeing the effect that our corrective care has on those in their golden years. Chiropractic has a lot to offer those who are feeling like they’re “just too old” or “past it”. We have the tools necessary to help turn it all around for you.

Are you a studious school kid or older student?

We know firsthand the toll that studying can have on our brains and bodies. That’s why we provide corrective care to all sorts of students, whether they’re just starting out at primary school, TAFE or university. Maybe chiropractic is just the tool you are looking for to connect the dots and get the most out of your brain and body as you hit the books!

Are you a hard worker? Perhaps even a workaholic?

Whether you’re deskbound all day and night, or flat out on the tools, we know the effects this can have on your spine. We offer corrective care that might help to mitigate the stress that your high workload places on your spine. Maybe you know a workaholic? Send them to Cooloola Family Chiropractic!

Experience great health, naturally.

Health care that is tailored to you, so that you can feel great, now and in the future.

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